Become our partner

We would like to kindly invite various organizations to become partners of IMA Russia. This cooperation will be solid and mutually fruitful. From our side we offer to:

  • Advertise your company as a partner of our association;
  • Distribute of your advertising materials among our members;
  • Afford you unique opportunity to advertise your company on this website and in our media resources;
  • Provide discounts for membership in the Association, for those members who learned about the Association from your company;
  • Provide discounts for membership in IMA Russia for the employees of your company;
  • Advertise your Company among the other sponsors and partners of the Association;
  • Use products delivered only by your Company in day-to-day functioning of IMA Russia (if applicable);

Conditions of cooperation are discussed individually with each partner company.

For becoming our partner, please contact us at

Our partners

  • InterForum

    InterForum is an independent Russian company organizing conferences. Interforum creates business conferences and forums, giving all participants a unique access to the information necessary for adequate responses to the market challenges and for making right business decisions.

    The advantages of the Company: • Experience of organization of more than 40 All-Russian Conferences; • The independent opinion of leading specialists on the vexed questions of the day; • 100% responsibility for the outcome InterForum does not focus on the competition, it focuses on the market, and the market always develops, which ensures a steady flow of relevant topics for discussion and the new challenges which business must deal with for stable development.

  • RBC Business-conferences

    RosBusinesConsulting (RBC) is the leading multimedia holding in Russia. The company operates in the following segments: Internet, TV and press. RBC is the leader among news and business media and in registration of domains and hosting.

    Since 2014 RBC Business Conferences have been held in the new 360multimedia format, integrating all the information resources of the holding: RBC TV channel, the business newspaper RBC, RBC magazine RBC own press center, the main business news portal and thus creating an unprecedented in scope, affinity and level of coverage campaign. RBC is the first to respond to the most important events in the business environment, gathers key representatives of government, business and expert communities to discuss them and to develop road maps. The Company provide maximum coverage of events through leading business information site: RBC TV channel, a daily business newspaper RBC portal, RBC magazine and the specialized resources of the holding.

    RBC holds conferences in four main formats:

    • The global debate on key issues of market regulation;
    • B2B and professional conferences;
    • Customer events;
    • Press conferences of companies and people

  • Kinder House Celebration

    Kinder House Celebration – holiday event agency, which organizes full cycle holidays and events for children. The Agency has dozens of scenarios of events and hundreds of costumes. Any event for children could be organized in any celebration site in Moscow and Moscow area: apartment, country club or restaurant. In addition, Kinder House Celebration has its own kids club created with care about the safety and comfort of our youngest guests The agency has only professional animators, experts in child psychology and pedagogy. Professional photographers and video operators will capture the most memorable moments of a holiday.

Our trainers

We invite professional trainers for collaboration.

To become our trainer, please contact us at

  • Liliya Orner

    Liliya Orner - personal stylist, image consultant, has professional experience in styling, imageology since 2008. Image maker’s services is a professional help in designing and shaping the image, especially if you want to change, renew wardrobe and raise morale, all these aspects are very interdependent. "Most people do not have time to follow the fashion, analyze their wardrobe and image. Every day they want to look properly, whatever they do - work, family, art. For such activities, they need to have a few different styles, thought over from A to Z, convenient and modern. And my job as a stylist is to make them look in the best way, and to make sure that they always have proper cloths to wear..” Liliya renders the following services: - Shopping support in Moscow and other cities; - Consultation from the stylist; - Making up a wardrobe for a teenager; - Assistance in organization of professional photo sessions; - Participation in the following business events as an expert on personal and business style: conferences, seminars, advertising, recruitment, PR, and social and charitable projects.

  • Victor Razuvaev

    Victor Razuvaev - Coach, Business Coach, Psychologist, HR Specialist, polygraphers. He organizes strategic sessions, business trainings on different topics, moderates panel discussions since 2005.

    Specialization: - Development of training programs; - Business coach for managers and line staff; - Organization of strategic sessions for companies; - Conducting of business trainings on sales, team building, time management, management, public speaking; - Conducted more than 150 workshops and trained more than 2500 people